Saturday, December 4, 2010

Speech Recognition for mobile apps

Over the last year I have been working on bringing our Dragon speech recognition to mobile apps on iPhone and Android. We built a super-simple SDK that allows developers to add speech to their app in 5 minutes (drag framework into XCode and add 3 function calls). We are working with a lot of large and small app developers and its cool to see all the interesting ideas people come up with. The three biggest apps that have launched so far are:

- Siri Assistant (recently acquired by Apple) Book tables in restaurants, find movies, look up trivia on the web, all by voice.
- Amazon Price Check A great way to quickly check prices on Amazon. You can use voice, scan a barcode or take a picture to find products.
- Ask is focusing on Questions and Answers. The app lets you speak a query and dictate answers by voice.

Check them out on the app store and stay tuned for more interesting apps coming soon.

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