Saturday, June 6, 2009

Google Voice is the future

I have been playing with Google voice for a while and I think Google is on the right track here. Unifying transcribed voicemails with your normal email inbox is clearly the right move. I don't understand why they don't integrate Google Voice with IM/voice chat in Google Talk, though. Clearly Google is trying to turn the cell carriers into a "dumb pipe" but why are they not pushing harder to make this happen sooner?

Feel free to call me using the widget below to leave me a voicemail explaining what I am missing...

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Aureole said...

There's an interesting convergence between e-mail and voice going on, starting with the Blackberry and moving on with the iPhone: I'm not sure these days whether either is a purely push- or pull- paradigm. It's weird seeing people continually polling their e-mails or answering them instantly, odder still to see phone calls instantly batted to voicemail to join the e-mail queue.