Monday, June 16, 2008

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference

I attended Apple's WWDC developer conference for the first time this year. This is an event that Apple holds every year in San Francisco at Moscone West. I had only recently started using a Mac and programming for the iPhone.

I was shocked how big an affair this was. On the first day I met up with some colleagues from Europe and stood in line for the Steve Jobs Keynote. We got in line at 5:30 for the 10am keynote. The whole thing really felt more like a cult gathering than a software show. However, it was great fun! The presentations were really cool and in the labs it was really easy to talk to the Apple engineers, even when you were complaining about bugs in their OS.

At the WWDC Bash in the Yerba Buena Gardens the Barenaked Ladies played -- very cool.

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